Blitzz Integrations and API connectors.

How to guide

If you want to use Blitzz REST APIs you first need to contact to our support team for getting Secret Key for your domain. With this Secret Key, you will be able to generate a UserToken which will be used to call other APIs. Please, make sure that you are not sharing this secret key with an unknown person.

After getting Secret Key you need User token which is obtained via the User login request.

Then, because of privacy checks, all REST API requests must be authenticated with this token - the UserToken which needs to be sent in the header of all requests.

The expiration time for the session token is 2 hours after the last request to REST API. Be aware about it. If you will perform a query with an expired token - you will receive error Access is denied. User is unauthorized. In this case, you have to recreate a user token with the help of Refresh user token api.


For Session invitation api,

  • InvitationType: There are three type of invitations supported by Blitzz, please use 1 for SMS, 2 for WhatsApp and 3 for Email Invite. At a time, only one invitation will work.
  • IsoCode: This is the country's ISO code(US or UK or IN). You can get all the supported countries by calling country list API. If you have fixed country everytime then you can directly pass ISO code in request body without calling Country list API.